Etsuko's Confections

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About me

Hi, I go by Etsuko online. I'm a self taught artist who I runs my business, Etsuko's Confections. I attends cons to sell my work.
I have acrylic keychains, acrylic stands, art prints, stickers, and buttons! I mainly do fan art of anime and games!



Do you take commissions?
No. I am currently unable to do any. But maybe in the future?

What program do you use?
I mainly use Sai2, and firealpaca for extra edits.

What equipment do you use?
I use a Wacom Intous, Acer Nitro5, an alienware as a second monitor, and a one handed keyboard for ergonomic reasons.

Have you gone to art school?
Nope, I'm currently only self taught.


Con Info


♡Photo of my booth and work♡
(From RoninExpo2023)

I've been to...

Anime CA 2019
AniManga 2021
Bak-Anime 2022
Ronin Expo 2022
SoCal Anime 2022
AniMarket Place 2022
AXChibi 2022
Anime Los Angeles 2023
Anime Riverside 2023
IchigoCon 2023
SoCal IdolFest 2023
Ronin Expo 2023
Anifest 2024

Scheduled Cons/Events

Stay toned for more...